There is no holding back for Ascendo's release 'Angelina'

Updated: Jun 17, 2020



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Ascendo, a self described, indie-rock band from West Yorkshire just release Angelina which hit No.1 spot for 2 weeks on the Indie Alliance Chart run by Banks Radio in Australia.

As I clicked the link to stream the tune I experienced the the sonic equivalent of hearing a knock on your front door, going to open it and being slapped in the face by a total stranger, demanding your attention and berating you for not giving it sooner. There is no way someone could escape the sound of Ascendo.

Angelina is the product of a band who clearly aren't holding back, there isn't any subtlety here. It's bold, brash, confident and in your face music and a lot of fun. It's a bit messy here and there but they are going all out. It's not really the kind of band if you want to find a delicate touch, there isn't any gentle whispering into a microphone, no this is more like smashing a brick with your bare hands.

There isn't any escape from their influences, a blend of Liam Gallagher (a great big handful of Liam's influence), Kasabian and The Arctic Monkeys. I can even feel the glare of the lead singer's eyes, whilst scanning the crowd in classic Liam style, tambourine in hand, on the edge of throwing a punch if anyone dared challenge him.

Other songs of Ascendo's include 'Pink Gin and Lemonade' a track that really does sound pretty much like Oasis, I would definitely, maybe (bad joke) recommend any Oasis fans take a listen to this band and this song in particular.

The band only have a few tracks out, all of which have the vital rock 'n' roll ingredients of big attitude and confidence. As I said there really isn't any holding back and that creates the fantastic energy of the songs but the messiness is something the band should focus on improving. I would really hope that it doesn't take away any of their swagger.

Listening to all the releases it might be the case that the band are progressing towards a heavier and more individual sound. The band they have been busy writing during lockdown and it will be interesting to hear what they have got in store once they can hit the studio and get the next ones released.

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