The Quarelation Coalition

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

by Az Sandhu

Hailing from various parts of the UK, TQC came together to bring the music scene a raw & uncut sound. TQC aim to make us 'chuckle like Frank Bruno' but it is hard to see the funny side. That isn't to say the tracks offered don't pack a stomach punch, they do leaving us reeling in agony on the canvas, wondering how they managed to put together such a winning combo, without us realising.

TQC deal with the big news items, and stuff all of the headlines into a neatly packaged 3 minute number. Just as I thought I had had enough of listening to Boris every night, updating us on Covid-19 (may it soon piss off and leave us in peace) 'Forced 2 Walk' takes some select gold nuggets of his public appearances, samples them and chucks them into the beginning of this tune.

Whoever devised these lyrics needs some serious praise, the hip-hop genre for me lyrically is much more poetic, political, relevant, real and meaningful than many other genres. In this track we deal with not only Covid-19 but also the mistrust of politicians and how a pandemic has exposed many double standards that exist all around us. The lyrics 'can't believe it took a full global breakdown to see the danger when the politicians shake hands' makes it clear the system is not seen as being on our side. Not only does Boris get a swift jab, TQC take aim at The Media questioning why 'Brexit's gone away like a kid on a cruise', the NHS gets a mention, so does HS2, student loans and the illusion of freedom gets a mention. The tune is an all out assault on 'the system'. For me the KO was with the lyrics 'right wing, left wing, same bird same plans' ouch!!! that has got to hurt.

'Isolate' Is a much more funky track, completely different to 'Forced 2 Walk' the lyrics aren't half as clever and there isn't a KO but it is has a little inspired from the RHCP. I am not certain if the drums were recorded live or whether they have been compressed heavily or are from an electronic kit, there is space for some better production. The entire track sounds as if it has been put together fairly quickly. I would describe it as a funk-punk sound due to its roughness .

Members: Funkgoblin Erik-D Tazz Zen  Alb Umen Handy Golden Boii Aka S.B.M

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