The New America - Going to the races

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

by Az Sandhu

Going to the Race (Dressed like a Racist) is a pat on the back for those who manage to remain shocked by the unapologetically normalised violence in the way we treat animals and each other.

Showing that you don’t need to be a hooligan to be a racist and you don’t need to be a racist to be a hooligan.

Races is a gentle reminder that sporting a top hat in the street isn’t a way to cover up being a thug to those under your feet.

I know it is a cliche but anyone who I speak with living and working in the music industry has said it. The old alternative music is no longer alternative, indie is basically a mainstream venture and is generally apolitical, in the vacuum has appeared a new group of musicians wanting to make some statement about the state of the state. It's undeniable that the title 'Going to The Races, Dressed Like a Racist' stands out and sums up a particular attitude.

In despair of living with the normalisation of shitty attitudes towards animals, others and pretty much everything The New America hold a flame of humanity. I get it, I fully appreciate the confusion in how some find joy and entertainment in sports where animals are killed or harmed. It makes no sense, so I am glad that I get a pat on the back from The New America who, with the angst of youth, take on subjects that my generation, generation Z got beaten into submission with. I just hope this new generation with real visions of a better future, beat the rest of us into submission and then we can all stop leaning on 'heritage' as a valid reason for continuing to be total arseholes.

Talking of beatings though, this new breed of alternative sounds like they are beating the crap out of their instruments, Heavily distorted, fast, angry, un-polished, jarring, taking out all the angst on the instruments. I listened to more material of theirs through their Soundcloud account and discovered some great material in particular 'Papillon' is a stunner of a track punky and angry but with more melody than 'Going to The Races'.

If only more music outside of the punk and hip-hop realm dealt with the pressing political issues we face but whether music really has the ability to add to the conversation and motivate meaningful change is, I suppose, a big question.


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