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I like ‘Do You Remember’ by Saints Among Us, but I found it challenging to review. For me, a single review ideally focuses on the song and no other context, but sometimes you need the context to position your thoughts. This was one such case.

So I went on a journey through their back catalogue - they’ve release two albums and a collection of singles. And they’re quite diverse: there’s a recognisable fusion of metal, pop, stadium rock and folk - quite the mixture.

Saints Among Us are managed by Vero Music, a team of music professionals that “help artists and bands find their sound and put their stamp on the music industry” - I wonder how much influence they have on the song writing, because I think it’s great!

After hearing ‘All On Black’ (2019) I wanted more - so I committed to ‘Broken World’ (2018). The arrangements range from tried-and-true to experimental, with intros and interludes. I like big vision on album projects.

But this is a SINGLE review...

All this context was good. When I returned to ‘Do You Remember’, I heard a definite progression. There’s more determination on the pop-synths compared to their earlier works. The song writing and arrangement is more focused and mature, each instrument has its place. Everything about this song is a step forward from earlier material, yet it is recognisably a 'Saints Among Us' song.

I’m a bit of a purist and always prefer less vocal effects in general, but the sheen and polish applied to Maddy’s vocals don’t detract from her emotive delivery - she is the really talented singer, around which the whole band revolves.

The drums here are dynamic (drum balance was my main nit-pick of their earlier material). and fits well with the pop-heavy leanings of the song (although I would love to hear a more live sounding mix of their songs, if only to satisfy my addiction to admiration of classic rock drums).

I think I noticed a pattern of single releases before each album, and 'Do You Remember' is their second release of 2020. If I’m not mistaken, there could be a new ‘Saints Among Us’ album around the corner. If so, I’d love to give that a listen too!

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