Review - "You're Too Easy on Yourself" by Ladybower

Release Date: May 18th

Review by Baris Tosun

Artist Spotify


Ladybower have been hard at work, continuing their exploration of a more synth heavy direction. Their latest release ‘You’re Too Easy On Yourself’ demonstrates skilled songwriting and singing talent, as well as a desire to push beyond boundaries.

They brought their Rock and Indie sensibilities with them - there is an edge to their releases that is inherited from the earlier jangly guitar days. ‘You’re Too Easy On Yourself’ has a touch more melancholy than ‘Nature Finds A Way’, which we reviewed in our first issue, but the characteristic thumping rhythm, rich textures and danceability are there. The music is designed to get you moving.

I’m glad to hear a continuation of their ‘synth exploration phase’ if I can call it that. In life, it is easy to revert to the comfort of the known. I guess they’re enjoying songwriting with new textures - the end result sounds effortless at least.

Lead singer, Joe’s voice is a well of inspiration. His delivery is compelling; with every pause, I want to hear what he’s going to sing next. I can’t help but think about Thom Yorke’s voice on OK Computer, how it was already pretty outstanding on The Bends, but he took it up a gear on OK Computer, and really pushed the boundaries of what he was capable.

Breaking the mold and pushing yourself into unknown territories is a less trodden path that few venture down. Not everybody enjoys the unlimited studio time that global stars like Radiohead enjoy. Whatever the circumstances that allow Ladybower to explore, I hope they don’t turn back. Not as long as they continue building a feel-good, pumping, kaleidoscopic repertoire like this.

These singles have been released relatively soon after one another. Is this a sign of an upcoming album? Could be…


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