Review - Two songs by Grand Palace Scam

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

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I hear a combination of styles in Grand Palace Scam's two songs; this music would fit nicely alongside early 2000s indie music - there's a healthy dose of jangle in the guitars.

Aside from indie guitar bands, the vocals remind me a lot of early Silverchair without the screaming. Personally I prefer a little more shouting from a front man, but these songs work well with vocals that are more subdued, so the style fits perfectly. Both songs are very rhythmic, it's hard to listen without rocking side to side.

Guitar FX lovers will notice a range of stomp-box sounds (or plugins, I guess) across both songs. There's a rich texture of sounds to enjoy.

In comparison to the lighter, bouncy feel that 'Six Hours' offers, 'Blink' hits harder, heavier, darker. This is closer to my tastes, so naturally I was drawn to it. I like moody songs, performed with attitude and energy. I think you can always feel when a band is enjoying a recording session, that feeling is present 'Blink'.

To my knowledge there are only two songs of theirs in the public domain, so any extrapolation is speculative, but the quality of the productions speak for themselves. Hopefully they are motivated to produce more studio material, if only to satisfy my curiosity!



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