Review - The Velvicks "Run" EP

Holy Distorted bass, full of energy, waking me up following emigrating and being 2am UK time The Velvicks just tore through my ears with the first track on their EP "Hit Me Like Sugar". The submission did get sent in with the message "here is something I think deserves your attention". I don't think there is any issue with getting anyones attention with this NYC rock band.

They say their influences include Queens of the Stone Age , Foo Fighters, The Black Keys and Radiohead. I can't hear it myself but Vick Nader sings with what sounds like an english accent. There also appear to be quite a few references to British culture in the lyrics "bow ties" make an appearance, funny as many UK based singers get accused of singing in an American accent. I like it. Their sound actually reminds me of many of the artists associated with Rough Trade Records in the 2000s but not low-fi in the slightest. Indie, punky, rocky all delivered at lightning pace. "I had a feeling this was going to be quick" in the final track sums it up, even at 2am it feels the EP has flown by too fast.

I have been critical of bands in the past who play as if they are going all out, it can end up sounding messy when going full out but there is none of that in The Velvicks music, they can go all all out, play tight and all with incredible speed and skill, the solo in "Animal Instincts" is a great example. Loads of great sing-along harmony melodies abound in the EP, Vick's "Aahs" "Hey, Hey, Yeah" "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Whoaa" are everywhere building the songs up, up and up. There is no denying Vick has a powerful vocal delivery, full of individual character "Unforgettable" as he sings in "Run"

"Lock Down New York City" goes out to "All the Humans" a uniting song that addresses all the issues we all encountered during the global pandemic and letting us all know that The Velvick's are concerned about our welfare and we should manage our mental and physical health and we wish The Velvick's good health too!

Oh did I mention the distorted bass? Anything with a distorted bass is worth a listen right?



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