Review - The Gogs' New Release "Down The Road" EP (2020)

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

by Az Sandhu



The GOGS are a three-member pop band from Wrecsam, Wales, formed in 2016. The members are lead vocalist Rosie Winson, guitarist, percussionist and backing vocalist Matthew Winson and bassist and backing vocalist, Daniel Fisher. The GOGS arrange and perform their own English and Welsh material.

From 2016 onward The GOGS performed regularly throughout the UK. The GOGS perform a mix of covers and original material, but their passion and intent is to become and perform entirely original material as soon as possible.

Promoting the Welsh language throughout the UK, including many festivals such as Focus Wales and London Based Primrose hill festival. It is The GOGS intent to “break into” both the Welsh and English music scenes.

"Down The Road"is an enjoyable acoustic indie, folk EP that would fit perfectly into Festival Tents across the UK, if there were still festivals. The Gogs style could be likened to Mumford and Sons or The Staves, but with a quick unrelenting pace that would have their audience stamping their feet and dancing along.

The songs adhere to this style throughout with a steady 4/4 kick pushing the songs forward, accompanied by relentless, quick paced acoustic strumming that is often associated with this genre. In Wake Up the energy of the acoustic strumming is so intense I found myself worrying that a string was going to break.

Rosie's powerful voice, her melodies and delivery are the highlight of this album, each line is sung confidently, often understated and never over the top. I would imagine that it must be tempting for Rosie to sing slower ballads, however the speed never lets up and keeps the listeners foot tapping along, slowly finding themselves moving along to that well known folksy beat.

Down The Road, a song about a musician trying to "make ends meet" is the best produced song on this EP. The addition of accompanying instruments (strings, electric guitars, bass) brings the song to life.

The Star (That Guide My Ship) has Rosie singing full belt with many sing-a-long sections for the audience.The Gogs, I can imagine, are a great festival band and I am sure many would enjoy dancing along to their songs on a boozy summers day.

"Down The Road" is the first EP from The Gogs and it is a good start. I am really interested to see what happens to the band 'down the road'. There are several musicians who's start was in indie/folk but then evolved dramatically over their time into something very different. It was where Bon Iver and Ben Howard started and listen to how much they changed over the following albums. Similarly I have a feeling that this may just be the start of a musical exploration for the Gogs.

I am looking forward to hearing some songs in Welsh and I am sure other listeners, obviously the Welsh followers, would love to hear some of those too.

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