Review - Screams from the Sun release 'DownDown'

Updated: May 16, 2020



Screams from the Sun are a pop/rock synth duo from London, they released DownDown right before lockdown kicked in.

Screams from the Sun specialise in catchy 80s inspired rhythms and melodies with grand choruses. A copious amount of bass synth thrown in at the crescendos and a snare drum that 'splashes'.

Viewers of 'Stranger Things' will understand when I say, this is music that pays homage to the 80s synth sound yet pushes it further.

There are confines and rules, in songwriting, that are necessary to fit this genre, It has a very specific audio/visual aesthetic to it, which is why, in my mind why 'Stranger Things' and 'Drive' (both having 80s inspired synth pop sound tracks) have similarities in direction. This is a remit that Screams from the Sun happily inhabit, diligently following the synth pop bible with a deliberate simple arrangement, complete with easy sing-along chorus lines repeating over again, the melody re-appearing in your head spontaneously, in the middle of your day and staying with you till midnight, or at least until you listen to another one of their equally catchy songs.

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