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Review - One Chapter Down hits the Bulls-eye

Updated: Apr 11, 2020



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One Chapter Down is a four piece alt rap rock band from the UK who’ve supported big circuit regulars such as Crazy Town, Mest, Hed (PE), S*M*A*S*H, TV SMITH, and Wonk Unit. Last year they released an E.P. titled OCD, named after the band initials and also a sly reference to how particular they were about this carefully crafted production. The band consists of Phillip Taylor (Vocals), Melvyn Mitchell (Guitar), Anthony Marshall (Bass/Singing), and Ian Humberstone (Drums).

Their title track, OCD, is a great example of their work as a whole, with its onslaught of guitar chord drenched choruses interspersed with arpeggiated verse riffs reminiscent of Papa Roach. Spoken word style vocals with death growl accompaniments, melodic chorus lines offer a palette of vocal options supplementing the rhythm and intensity of passages throughout the song. Maybe Phillip Taylor (vocals) has been taking notes from his Darts champion namesake, his vocals really have the power to hit the bulls-eye whenever required (ed - groan). The song takes many twists and turns with a break down in the middle before a tremendous heavy finale that won’t leave you disappointed you joined them on the journey.

A quick run-down of the other great tunes you’ll find on this body of work include:

  • World Burn - Introducing everything you will love about this band; rock solid drumming underpinning the foundations, bass/guitar driven verses with heavy wall-of-sound choruses, all superbly overlaid with intense vocals with melodic hooks.

  • Dark Thoughts - Great crunching guitar riff, well mastered intricate syncopated drum patterns.

  • This Side of Me - Heavy opening guitar riff that captures you in an instant, great understated rap in the middle-eight, building up to a grandstand euphoric ending.

  • War of the Minds - Standout silky smooth chorus/vibrato FX laden guitar picking, set against a lighter quirky rhythm, only to be surprisingly blown apart by a double-time full-on chorus with deathly growls thrown in for good measure! The simplicity and catchiness of the melodic lead guitar is really memorable.

  • I Despise - Expertly navigating tempo changes on a par with masters of the art, Anthrax (Keep It In The Family). More of this please lads.

It seems like the Nu Metal youth have grown up and are making albums of their own. You only have one chance to get a release right, and it was certainly worth the pain of OCD! Where can you expect to see them live in 2021? On a postponed Nu Metal 2020 revival tour near your home town.



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