Review of LXT and K'Jones

By Anthony Johns

London-based producer and artist K’ Jones has been making his way in the music world since the age of 7 as a drummer, pianist, guitarist bassist and finally a producer. The last few years have been spent combining his early production works of House and EDM with his more recently discovered love of jazz, soul and funk music – aiming to merge the soul of the old with the heart of the new. After doing behind-the-scenes work for many of South-East London’s most promising talents and beyond, he is now ready to take a step out from backstage to unveil his unique musical blend to the world.

Almost like a beautiful flower, LXT and K Rev have released a track which spreads the warmth and love of a man to a woman. The sentiments expressed are of wanting to get to know the lady in question a little better, to be able to understand what makes her tick, where her mind goes. These vocals are placed over a velvety beat with wondrous side-chaining to produce an entrancing, hypnotic result. A track which could be listened to again and again again!

LXT (real name Alex Thompson) is a songwriter, top-liner and vocalist based in London. His last couple of releases have also had received radio plays on BBC Introducing and Kiss FM, with editorial Spotify playlists and support from GoldFish, Filtr, Charlie Ashcroft, CloudKid, EDM Joy, Castle Collective, Perfect Havoc, Soave and MrRevillz.

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