Review of Half Decent's latest single Bill Murray

by Matthew Glass

Well, well, well what do we have here? Bombastic beats, a grime groove and pure poetry. A great noise is to be found all over this top notch record.

The Act is Half Decent, and that’s the name, not the review. Hailing originally from Oxford but now based in London, Half decent has been penning material for over ten years and has evolved into a skilled wordsmith and an extremely accomplished producer. This reviewer would urge you to trawl his back catalog as I have done during my research. Many gems to be found there indeed.

The track in question is called “Bill Murray” and is a depressive, sideways glance at the life of a post-modern worker drone. The songs fundamental inspiration is drawn from the film “Groundhog Day” who’s main protagonist is portrayed by the erstwhile Mr Murray.

The track paints the picture of a monotonous life, lived in a zombie state. A cycle of work/sleep/work. This is even more pronounced on the accompanying video to the track which follows the story to a tee. 6am alarm, toast, bus stop, office, frozen pizza, Morgan spice and repeat. By the middle of the song you are left wondering which way this is going to go? But fear not, this is Hollywood folks and just as in the film, where the main character winds up getting the girl and everything he ever wanted, so too here.

During the third act of the song we hear how our subject successfully lifts himself out of his funk and ceases being a robotic and melancholy prole to elevate himself into a positive citizen with a joy and passion in his life, a real community guy. Redemption indeed.

The story is well told with many nuanced details of urban life dropped in to flesh out the back story. The words succeed in depicting the perfectly sad position the subject is in whilst remaining fresh and interesting.

First pass of the track I must admit I was nonplussed but ladies and gents this one is a grower not a shower and I have been listening on and off all day before sitting down to pen this and I must say I am hooked!

Top marks abound!

Right, now I’m off to listen to Sonny and Cher.



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