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What have Crying Beauty Queens done here?

Crying Beauty Queens are a trio from Manchester describing their music as a combo of Fugazi, The Pixies and The Cranberries, that's a hell of a combination.

The joy of stumbling across (being sent in) music that has an impact is difficult to describe and there are have only been a few occasions when I find myself wanting to repeatedly listen over and over to a song. I certainly did with 'Darling'. There is something enigmatically emotional about it.

Jordan Price's voice alongside some gentle, bright guitar introduces the first verse before it suddenly kicks-in, Jordan's voice fantastically juxtaposed by a much harder and heavier backing. The song constantly pushes forward building in intensity, opening up in the choruses and ending with a big crescendo finale. The vocal melody is enchanting, moving well out of the zone of what I was expecting.

The guitars in the verses are screeching and almost harsh giving way in the chorus to a softer tone and backing vocals that elevate the song skywards. The drumming is exceptional in skill but a bit over-compressed to my ear.

'Darling' is a stand out track compared to the other material of Crying Beauty Queens and I hope it gets the listens it deserves. Although the production of 'Darling' is good, I really would love to hear what the song would sound like with the best producers available.

The band are a young trio at the moment, carving out a space for themselves in the Manchester music scene and if they continue writing high quality, emotionally moving material like 'Darling' I am sure the Music Scene is going to take notice soon.

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