Review - My Real Name is Starship Offers Up 'Clay Pigeons'

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Review by Matt Glass




My Real Name Is Starship is a one-man troubadour from the Beck school of learning. He manages to float seamlessly between indie, hip-hop, folk and jazz to generate a delightful musical soup of noise.

His first EP, ‘Pavement Transmissions’ was released in early 2019 and since then has put out several singles with Clay Pigeons arriving in the October of the same year.

Super smooth and fully loaded with funky guitar licks and beats, Clay Pigeons is a triumph. A collaboration with Belarusian producer, Dassai, the track is delightfully hung together with bags of mini melodies that play off each other to keep the interest high and the head nodding. 

Poetically rich with some delightful observational commentary that sits over the track. “Better with someone than lonesome/better to be on the ground than the ceiling”. Assured writing indeed with words surely being this artist’s one true calling. That said, there is some highly accomplished electric guitar work to be heard that gives the track a funk edge that makes it just so nonchalantly cool. 

The production is watertight; expertly completed with a real professional quality. The mix of the track is spot on. This gives a precision like clarity to all the fabulous licks and tricks that are crafted on the various instruments on show.

Dynamically, the track takes the listener on a trip, allowing the song to evolve along its way with little peaks and troughs without ever really culminating in a crescendo. However, that said, it doesn’t really need to as the piece is more of a perfect driving track. It has a constant and unwavering beat at its heart and it is a window down, shades on, sunny day number.

 A really solid song and a thoroughly enjoyable listen. 



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