Review - Madame So "You Say"

By Az Sandhu

When I first heard rock music I was captured by it, going through life on a diet of classic rock acts, I hadn't really been exposed to anything very different. That was of course until, what everyone now knows, was the sea change for rock music, the arrival of "grunge". That was the mainstream story and there's no denying that listening to sonically raw music was a massively refreshing change but behind the big names that appeared were the bands that inspired them, bands like Sonic Youth and the Pixies. It is in this low-fi arena that, for me, songs feel like they skip all the barriers that can exist from the writer's feeling or emotion to the point of listening.

Most of Madame So's releases have a lo-fi style, although there is nothing less with regards to being direct, there is definitely a more polished style to "You Say", the cool nonchalant vocal delivery is different just about recognisable . The track starts of with a a heavily rhythmic guitar line, it is in your face, arrogant, unmistakable, a show starter for certain. Madame So's vocal delivery is just about recognisable from her previous releases, it's a cool nonchalant delivery, excellently executed with every other line "You Say" driving the song forward.

In "You Say" Madame So confronts a cynical character, convinced that there is no point in any of it "You say, it's nearly the end", "You say, life is out of fashion". I am sure we have all met those people who are so negative that we "pretend to listen" and this song addresses that type of individual, Madame So encouraging them to give a different view of the world "a try". A fair point.






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