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Updated: May 7, 2020




Lesporium submitted their soundcloud page, which contains 3 songs: Revolution, The Dean Machine and Mind Is Sick Of The Run. This review is based on all three songs.

The sound of the intro guitar is music to my ears, I love all-out meaty rock guitar tones - and these are just as sweet all through this EP. The bass and drums kick in, and they do not disappoint. The head banging gods approve!

There's a very live sound to these songs, very well mixed. The vocals are very... interesting. Cockney come-as-you-are punk vocals aren't often produced this cleanly. They also don't commonly pair with this style of music - this has more in common with 'Bleach' than 'Nevermind the Bollocks...' - all I'm saying is that is was an unfamiliar combination for me.

The initial apprehension receded, and I quickly found myself moving to the music. The lyrics are provocative, tongue-in-cheek and brazen, and the delivery is perfect - any wonkiness here and the whole thing would collapse. These songs are really head bang inducing.

In terms of production, the voice, the lyrics, the big-balls-rock attitude all combine beautifully. The mix is very balanced but not bland. Although I've heard mountains of rock productions, this feels very fresh - hats off to the producer! [Baris: I looked it up: Neil Haynes from the Parlour Recording Studio, Kettering]

If you liked one of these songs, you'll like them all; they're all similar in tonality. And yet there's enough variety of feel in the 3 tracks of the EP. I really enjoyed this compilation and found myself searching for more. I listened back to back several times without hesitating.

I could HAPPILY listen to an album of this. These songs would fit on any rock playlist, but to my mind they would work great alongside Kyuss and Mudhoney, and even some metal acts with grander vision. With only one song on Spotify and a 3 song EP to date, I wont back-catalogue-binge on Lesporium any time soon - but I would if I could. Here's the bandcamp link, I've already bought the band a lock-down pint:

We're called Music Underground and I want to focus on the 'underground' here a little. To me this EP represents the kind of music that does not often surface in 'the mainstream'. When you venture off the beaten path, you can find music with such high quality writing, playing, imagination and delivery. This is one example of what I'm talking about, and I guess if we (MU) can play a part in directing more ears towards these kinds of acts, then we're doing good work.

Now go and give them a listen, and tell us what YOU think!

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