Review - Lee Christian predicts what this year has in store with his Single "2020"

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Lee Christian earnt his stripes in the Oxford music scene for over ten years as an artist, producer, remixer, event organiser and radio DJ. He is best known forfronting formidable alternative rock band SMILEX for over a decade, but also involves himself in countless diverse musical projects like The Prohibition Smokers Club, BoyWithAToy and Chateaux69.

He has now, while living a semi hermitic lifestyle in Bath, developed his varying musical and artistic influences to bring you solo albums like 'A New Way', 'Intimate DetaiIs Of DeaIs Done With The DeviI' and 'The Joker, The Unlucky 13 & The One That Got Away...' - due very soon: 'The Meaning Of Life?'.

"2020" was released in February, before there was any sign of what was in store for everyone this year. Did Lee Christian predict that the world would change this year in this song? It seems do, the song starts with the questioning lyrics "Is it time to try something new?" Did you know something the rest of us didn't Lee?

"2020" keeps a solid steady electronic drum beat, sounding like an 808 drum machine, layered by a variety of synth sounds including blips, strings, interesting effects and many crescendos.

After a few bars introducing us to the melody, a melody that doesn't conform and has unusual and unexpected changes, a screeching guitar appears sounding as if it was played through the smallest amp in the world (not a bad thing). The backing vocals are deliberately and cleverly discordant, adding an interesting texture to the song.

There is a distinct similarity to Bowie's Berlin era in "2020". The odd key changes, synths, discordant melodies and vocal delivery wouldn't sound out of place when put next to "Low" Bowie's album from 1977. For some this avant guard approach can make for difficult listening but for others it could be considered genius.

The song is about reaching a significant point in time where the world cannot continue as it has been. Prior to Corona virus, there were enough areas where the world required change and we had "better care for it while it lasts" as Lee tells us.

"2020" borrows inspiration from music of a different era spanning the late 70s to the mid 80s when synth was king. It heavily leans on Bowie's style during that time and the lyrics 'hits the nail on the head'. I would have hoped that, for a song about 2020, there would be something completely fresh, perhaps even a new interpretation or reworking of the retro sound found in "2020".

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