Review - Katie Kittermaster "Coming Home at Dawn" EP (2019)

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

by Matthew Glass




Straight of the bat, this is a really, good collection of songs. Nineteen-year-old Katie Kittermaster has seriously delivered. These songs are eminently listenable, catchy and have a genuine substance.

Her new EP Coming Home At Dawn (November 2019) is a set of songs of heartache and longing that float along with a melancholy grace that belies her age. The opening track, T-Shirt, which was (almost ridiculously) written when she was just fifteen will have a strong resonance with so many who have loved, lost and wanted things back the way they were. Lyrically the piece is highly accomplished and showcases why Katie has been nominated for songwriting awards in recent years. A great effort at a classic break up pop piece.

This break up theme continues the next tracks with You Needed Me – with its haunting “sorry” refrain and the slightly more up-tempo Kaleidoscope. Both tracks feel very real with the words coming across very honestly, so you just believe the story.

The fourth track, Disaster goes further into the darkness. We learn of the calculating and narcissistic nature of her former partner. We are shown lines like “Make them feel at home in you arms only to abandon them” and “Why did it take me so long to see that you are actually pretty mean to me” Here Katie is writing like a woman who has come to an epiphany. She is taking back control and power and the song is a feminist triumph and musically the most mature of these songs.

The final track is Sunday Afternoon and is also the single release. Telling the tale of her perfect Sunday with hangover cures, early nights and Chinese takeaways. It grooves along at an effortless pace and again has some wonderful writing. Katie has a wonderful turn of phrase and can paint us a picture that we all recognize, none more so than in this number. It is the incidentals in the words that draw you in, cups of tea and teeth brushing included!

The production is done is done very well and never feels forced. It allows Katies range and tone (which are both excellent) to take centre stage. They have managed to achieve great results with a seriously striped back accompaniment. The songs are either acoustic guitar or piano led and none are embellished beyond minimal augmentation. This gives the songwriting a chance to exist in the space and never feels like everything is squashed in or over produced.

This EP is overall, a great opening gambit from Katie and contains five songs cherry picked from the thirty odd she has wrote in her young career. Moving forwards, she has just secured a support act spot on the Crash Test Dummies European tour and has various UK dates currently underway. This trajectory would suggest great things.  KK is more than OK!


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