Review - "If Not Now, When?" EP(2020) by The Common View

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

by Baris Tosun



The opening song to this EP demonstrates songwriting ambition that is consistent throughout this EP. The songs are quite different from one another, a fact which prompted me to check Spotify a couple of times to make sure I was still on the same EP during my early listens!

There are a lot of styles fusing together here, plucky 2000s guitars, jangly, grungy, indie 90s. Fans of electric guitar music will be certain find something in the range that will appeal.

I found the layered vocals interesting, although I can imagine it would not appeal to everyone. Vocals can make or break a song, what’s on display here is certainly competent, with a controlled, artful grip on the ‘cool’ knob, dialing in just enough when necessary.

‘If Not Now, When?’ is an EP that I expect to appeal to older and younger fans alike, with its catchy tunes combined with jangly rhythmic guitar riffs and memorable hooks.

The latter two songs were my favorites, they have an extra level of energy and vibe. Once I got a feel for the release, I found myself looping the last two tracks over and over. They give the impression of a good live band, which is something I appreciate.

‘If Not Now, When?’ is a simple, enthusiastic, energetic rock EP. There’s a low-fi grit that reminds me of garage rock. There’s an upbeat playfulness that reminds me a lot of the best of The Libertines.

I’d say if they’re playing locally, definitely go and see them live. For the unlucky rest of you, the EP will have to suffice... until their second album is released.


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