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Review - Far from Refuge - "Far from Refuge" EP (2019)

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

‘Far From Refuge’ is the 2019 eponymous E.P. from the Cambridge based metal quintet. They’ve been crunching riffs since 2016, in the style of metalcore, melodic death, and progressive metal to create a compelling and enthralling sound. The Band consist of Suran Jayathilaka (Vocals), Joél Sutherland (Guitar/Vocals), Jonathan Graye (Guitar), Matt Poskitt (Bass/Vocals) and Ákos Kobela (Drums).

They have Spotify listeners from far flung cities including Sao Paulo, Jakarta, and Stockholm, mixed with local hotspots London and Cambridge as you would expect. There’s real potential with this band to reach a truly global village of metal fanatics. A year on from the release they have amassed over 10000 streams on Spotify alone. Songs such as The Architect were already an addition to the live set as far back as the M2MT (Metal To The Masses) live show. They have been featured on BBC TV and multiple radio shows and podcasts, including BBC Radio Introducing, it seems they’ve certainly kept themselves busy!

The E.P. consists of 5 quality tracks, Emergence, The Architect, Circuits, There Was A Light, Beings. The Architect, a prominent stand-out track, is a great example of the quality of writing style they’ve formed, and really has all the hallmarks of their eclectic styles. Dreamy electronic opening sequence, brute force high tempo chord sequences with deep screaming vocals, interspersed with catchy riffs, through to half-speed choruses drowned in beautiful melodic vocals, layered in long open distorted chords. Before it has a chance to be too repeatable we enter into a longer half-time middle eight dreamy sequence with tinges of the intro leading into a heavy half-time section with eerie creeping guitar solos… this is a real demonstration of accomplished song writing, never relying too heavily on a simple formula. They sing “This is my creation”, and it’s a creation they should be very proud of! The disciples will be queing to pay homage.


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