Review - Empire of Lights 'Shake Off The Heat'

By Matthew Glass

Shake of the Heat is a glorious slice of late sixties/early seventies Psychedelic Rock that has been expertly blended together by a talented three piece outfit from mid-wales.  The band, Empire of Lights, are made up ofJohn Aziz - Vocals/Guitar, Eifion Davies – Drums and Simon Eversfield - Bass/Vocals.  

It got to be said for just three musicians they really do make an extremely well rounded and frankly gigantic noise. The track on show here has been well written and the arrangement, although a standard pattern is brilliantly hung together and a great listen that is just the right length to keep interest and go somewhere without surrendering to a seventies style twenty minute jam.

The lyrics are quirky and delivered with a really strong vocal performance that is easy on the ear and fits the musical style perfectly, dare I say a touch of the nineties indie in the vocal that I just can’t quite place. The bass, which gets top billing for the first four bars of the number is a good tone and just the right side of funk to prick up the ears of any Chilli Pepper fan (pun intended). The drums are tight and I really like some of the fills during the main guitar solo part, that’s how to work your way around a kit – great job.

The lead guitar is, as expected, as good as the rest of the instrumentation. The trick is to showcase the lead work economically so as not to allow it to lose any impact and John nails this by giving us enough but also allowing the track to breathe – the effect is a wonderful sense of space on the song with the dynamics of the three players really working ever so well.

The production is also worth a mention here, unsigned band or not they really have put this track together so well all the instruments are solidly recorded and have a great sound and tone to them and the vocal recording is also top notch – I especially like the vocal treatment at the beginning – Neil Young does something like that on his “Transformer man” track and I find it haunting. This is a song that I am certain would really excel in a live performance – if only we “covid could”, well one day guys we will all be back gigging and when that happens I urge you all to go see this honest to goodness classic rock band. Awesome.





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