Review - "Electric Cheese" EP (2020) by Electric Cheese

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

By Baris Tosun




Electric Cheese is a self-titled EP which is dripping with attitude and overflowing with character. The songs are emotively performed and capture a rocky edge. The performances are gritty and real. If the EP could walk into a bar, it would order a bourbon and tell a story.

The songs

As I’m writing notes, I find myself wondering ‘is this pop-rock’. The question is redundant, since pop-rock is about the broadest catch-all genre there is. These songs are catchy and easy to listen to, with enough depth if you choose to explore. The music is textured and full of excitement. There is wonderful combination of folky storytelling, blues attitude and rock grit.

It’s sometimes easy to forget that a lot of people enjoy music with a little more heart on the sleeve. There is plenty of feeling on display here. The lead singer’s voice and singing style is alluring, fragile and yet authoritatively delivered. It’s a voice that is easy to connect, no matter the subject.

This is good rock and I want to hear more. Each time I peeled back more layers and found more beneath to digest. I played this on loop several times while preparing my review. I hope this EP can be expanded into a full length album, because I liked this style. This kind of rock is right up my alley.


As a producer, I always like to write a bit about the production. Saturation is liberally applied. It adds to the character and gives the songs a sense of age, a kind of analog version of rose tinted glasses. Everything is well balanced, well recorded and well produced.

All in all, I really enjoyed listening to Electric Cheese, and I’m glad I had the chance to review this release. Give them a listen, especially if you like your rock with character and depth.


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