Review - "Calmish" Album (2020) by Callum Martin-Moore

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

by Az Sandhu




Each month there appears to be an album sent for a review that just is so great you have to stop, listen and the listen again on repeat.

Listening to ‘Calmish’ by Callum Martin-Moore is a beautiful experience and the title ‘Calmish’ sums up it's feel, a laid back journey from start to finish.

According to Callum the album is about “Climbing big hills, a Tinder date in Norway, putting shirts on, the Brexit bus, and my favourite bedtime story podcast”

The first track on the album leads the way. Y3P draws close comparison to the style and vocals of Air’s classic album Moon Safari. More recently artists like Jay Pray have lent on a similar style, incorporating laid back jazzy beats with ascending synths and heavy airy effects on the vocals.

Instruments blend in and out of different sections keeping one guessing what is about to appear around the next corner. It isn’t jarring at all, sounding incredibly organic. Each section shifts after a few seconds revealing a new part emerging, its like listening to an incredibly intricate fireworks display. There is also a low-fi, psychedelic feel to some of the tracks ‘Oslo Flat’ being a prime example of this.

After reading more about the album, it becomes clear that Callum is a ridiculously brilliant talent. Everything on the album was sung and played by Callum including vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, programming, ukulele, egg shaker, tambourine, finger clicks, hand claps, bed slaps, window movements, melodica, electronics and more. In addition the album was mixed and produced by him too.

Sometimes when artists produce their own work it can let the music down but this definitely is not the case with Calmish. In addition to the beautiful writing, it is a beautifully produced album.

Callum Martin-Moore has created an outstanding album. I personally could not recommend it enough.


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