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Album due for Release - Soon

We met Bluebyrd in our first ever issue and are glad they are back and soon to release their latest album 'Find your Way'. We have had the privilege to preview the album before it's release. Two of the tracks 'Find your Way' and 'Get on Board' are already available to stream.

This album shows off the masterful songwriting skills Bluebyrd have to offer, a duo who firmly adhere to the story telling style of great songwriters like Dylan, Cash and Willie Nelson. There is even a hint of Willie or for that matter Lucas Nelson's tone in the singers voice. Every word is annunciated clearly so that there is no misunderstanding of the tale and to project sincerity but it is not long before I wonder if we may have been duped?

The album kicks of with 'Find your Way' beginning with an intricate and sweet acoustic guitar picking pattern, moving into a swinging South American, Central American rhythm complete with wind instruments. Right from the start of the album the right foot is stomping away along with the rhythms Bluebyrd have to offer.

'Song for the Duped', paints a cynical view of the world, shining a light on dishonesty and lack of integrity. The lyrics: a monologue aimed at the audience/listener, request them to sing along, this is what made me question who is being duped? All of us as society or the audience by the singer, or is it a character that the singer is depicting? More of that later.

'It's Bubbling Over' is a bluesy, rock 'n roll number, with a brilliant middle section that appears from nowhere on the first listen. I really had no idea what the lyrics were about and didn't really care as my feet were suddenly leading me to an imaginary dance floor in my kitchen,

'Not the Only Show in This Town' - Is a slower number on the album, the title of the song appears to sum up the story, which initially seems to be about pulling someone who may be a bit up themselves, down a notch or two. Another facet appears when the lyrics 'be careful with the power in your hands' are sung. It feels like a deliberate twist in the story. Listening closely, it is possible the song is actually being sung from the viewpoint of a character constructed by the singer, in this case, a character that isn't particularly pleasant, perhaps jealous, trying to pull someone exceptional down? It is one of those songs that entices me to listen to it over and over to understand it better and leaves it completely open to interpretation.

'Moving into your Scene' hits the mood of it's subject matter deliberately on the head It is a cleverly written, poetic, self questioning song with 'What does it mean?' repeated throughout, it is a person full of self doubt about to embark on a new relationship, hoping to impress by saying the right things and questioning what the future holds. To have the ability to summon up and ignite a listeners imagination into past, present and future with all the mixed emotions involved, with so very few words, is in my opinion a masterstroke of song writing.

I really hope that 'Find your Way' finds its way to many more, who will delight in exploring the songs and the meaningful lyrics, over and over again.


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