Review - 'As the Morning Crept In' Bobby West's Debut Single.

by Baris Tosun

Single Release Date: 15th May

Video Release Date: 22nd May



A native of North Liverpool, Bobby grew up in the notorious district of Walton. Famed for very little other than its crime and poverty, Bobby's youth could have been an uneasy one had it not been for the early discovery of his artistic talent. In his adolescence West Split his time between honing his musical ability and the boxing club. A promising fighter, rising through the ranks but for Bobby the pull of music and art was too strong. By the age of 21 he formed his band Broken Men and success came quickly, touring England, Russia and Europe in support of Echo and the Bunnymen. Mr.West now embarks on his first solo project, spending the past 8 months experimenting in the studio Bobby has meticulously pieced together tracks to paint an authentic depiction of his world.

Bobby West’s voice is as beautiful as the smooth, jazzy music it pairs with on ‘As the Morning Crept In’. His voice has range, it has depth. He is a great singer with a great voice - you don’t always get both in the same person.

He reminds me of a crooner - remember when Robbie Williams did that crooner album? I like the old crooners - those guys could sing - and the music was just really good, as it is here.

The mood in this single is very melancholic. It is a self-reflective account of a night with a lover on the morning after. The emotion is wonderfully captured in this recording.

The production is extremely good, every instrument balanced, engaging and crystal clear, the arrangement is tight, delivered perfectly by the musicians - there were a lot of professionals behind this release.

I enjoyed the single a lot. The 5 minute song felt much shorter, I found it very enchanting. and it was easy to listen to on repeat while writing my review notes. As with all the best songs. It left me wanting more. I already know that this song will feature in a future "drinks and music share" session I occasionally have with my music-lover friends.

It’s hard to make your mind up on an artist with just a lone song - are you listening to a peak of someone’s capability, or something average? What is clear about ‘As The Morning Crept In’ is that Bobby West is talented, and is working with a great production team. As a musician with an interest in production, I'm paying close attention to what follows.

Bonus point: It’s great to hear a saxophone solo that isn’t cheesy or contrived - that has it’s place of course - but here it is played so softly, so naturally.


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