• Simon Bosley

'Polaroid' by 0909




0909 is a 3 piece alternative rock band from Manchester. Taking inspiration from the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Pearl Jam and Modest Mouse. 0909 will show you a varied performance from slow, melancholic songs to hard-hitting, melodic tunes.

The song starts off with an audacious intro consisting of a hammer-on guitar riff repeating over solid power chords, adorned with tension building percussive crashes and the singer ramping up introspective melodic lyrics about the demons hidden beneath, with impressive range from high to low. The engines are revved-up and we’re about to launch into the song proper. You’d be forgiven for expecting a standard straight-up fast rock beat, however the rhythm section delivers just the right amount of swagger to their up-tempo beat to drive this song with added interest.

The verse transitions with a tightly syncopated short bridge into an expansive big melodic half-time chorus. The lyrics talk of dreams of reflection of a friend, fitting nicely with the title ‘Polaroid’. Whilst sauntering perilously close to teetering on the edge of self-indulgence they perform a ninja side-step by slipping a little millennial whoop ‘woahhh ooohhhhhh woaaaah oohhhhhh’ to round off the chorus lines. This surely would’ve been a crowd pleaser on the now cancelled festival circuit.

Tough times for a band that has just released their first single on the eve of lock-down, let’s hope they manage to keep going despite the obvious set back, it would be great to see this small 3-piece deliver more of their big sound!


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