Note from the Editor

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

The MU team would like to thank everyone who has shown an interest in our new online magazine, it has been great to hear from, listen to and connect with so many musicians, of so many different styles in the UK and abroad.

As the world grinds to a halt and everyone keeps themselves at home and safe, the live music scene as we knew it can be no more, for now. It is great to see the industry adapting with many musicians and organisations are presenting live music through the emergence of live streamed gigs.

Many of the live streams can be found on Facebook the three below present a schedule of gigs that you can plan to listen in to. It is usual, understandably, for the acts to have links for viewers to pay via PayPal or Justgiving accounts due to the postponement and cancellation of much of their work for the rest of 2020.


Facebook Pages and Groups

The MU team are supporters of all musicians and it would be a shame if we couldn't mention that Baris Tosun, one of our contributors has recently released an album. We would like to congratulate him on "Merry Melancholy" by Breakdown. Many of the songs were written in the mid 2000s, so it is great to hear them finally released on Bandcamp.

I am sure we are looking forward to the time we can all get back into the live venues but in the meantime there is plenty to read and listen to this month and as Jerry used to say "take care of yourselves and each other".

Stay Safe,

Az Sandhu (Editor)

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