New Release from Concrete Prairie "Bury my Blues"


United by a love of country, folk, indie & Western music past and present, Concrete Prairie are a fledgling group from the U.K. playing their own brand of bruised Americana. The band take inspiration from across the genres to deliver songs dealing with romance, addiction, health, family and crime - a veritable soundtrack for the glamour & grit of everyday life. Whether grooving on the cathartic, rootsy stomp of their own “Bury My Blues”; navigating the majestic meanderings of country-pop classic “Wichita Lineman”; or channeling the spaghetti western riffs of Ennio Morricone’s best work on their seven minute down-on-your-luck lament “The Devil Dealt The Deck”, the band invite you to get lost in a world where the guitars twang, the fiddles strain and hearts are worn proudly upon sleeve.

While "Bury My Blues" shuffles along wearing its melodic Country & Roots influences loud and proud, scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find a cathartic observation on the internal struggles millions of people wrestle with every day. It addresses the silent epidemic the world has been sleepwalking into for decades, yet is shot through with a blind optimism: the hope of better days, laying down the burdens and getting by on the kindness of others - if only for a day.

Shout out to Hag Stephenson who played pedal steel guitar and Dom Bailey-Clay for laying down the drums!

Available on all digital platforms.