New Release - Eryx Drop Debut Album "Selfish"

Updated: Apr 11, 2020



After a spell playing known London venues 'The Windmill', 'Birds Nest, 'Fighting Cocks' with her band Hoosh, singer / songwriter Eryx parted company and sought to find the right musicians for her new project and a new band. With a couple of years as an Electric Rock duo, sometimes trio, performing Londons Dublin Castle, The Islington, Monarch etc.

Eryx finally found the perfect formula and musicians and became Eryx London. In December 2019 they released the video 'Parasite' from their forthcoming album 'Selfish' which prompted the British label Glasstone Records to sign them after only their third gig, firstly a small venue in their home town in Italy, a headline slot at 'Pinups' in Islington then The Dark Winter Festival in Liege.

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