New Release - CHLORINE - "Path of Destruction" Album (2020)

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Chlorine is an alternative rock band from Birmingham, UK. Chlorine has released two singles in late 2019 by the titles of Path of Destruction and Empty Soul. On the 18th January 2020 they have released their Debut Album by the title Path of Destruction.

Formed in 2017 their line up consists of Vocalist Jamie Lee, Rhythm Guitarist Dom Drozdz, Bassist Nash Ridley, Lead guitarist Alex O’Neill and drummer Joshua Zaidi Crosse.

Chlorine’s music is influenced by rock, hardcore and metal and their songs reflect that with catchy lyrics, heavy riffs and songs touching subjects such as love and depression.

Chlorine’s live shows are often described as thrilling and full of energy, with the vocalist jumping into the crowd, encouraging mosh pits and having the crowd clap along to songs as they build up.

Chlorine have played at venues such as the O2 Academy and Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham in the past, and played with Junior, Insurgent, You Know the Drill and London Black amongst many others.