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Social facebook soundcloud Instagram @feedthewolfmusic  youtube spotify Groovy/Alternative/Rock’n’Roll. Female fronted 4 piece Rock and Roll band from London, packed with groove and attitude.  Formed in London, Feed The Wolf became an active band in 2018. In the name of the purest love for Rock N Roll, Blues and all that chaotic rhythmical and unrhytmical beautiful nonsense grooviness Marina and James formed the band.  The idea was to create something dirty but pure, direct but metaphorical, deep but light, clear but full of contradictions at the same time.. sprinkled with passion and darkness for your full enjoyment.  The band has released their first single "Intrusion" in January 2020 and it is now available on all major digital music platforms.  "The band has approached the square of their own union between the elements of hard blues and something more “obscure”, be it a certain dark mood or the lo-fi of the clear matrix of the 60's" Raw and Wild Magazine, Italy What first got you into music and when was it? I guess, we got passionate about music when we were all still kids. For instance, I (Marina, the vocalist) joined a school choir when I was 7. We took part in a lot of different national choir school competitions.. I think I  I developed a massive love towards the stage during those years, too. And I did that till I was 14 and then I joined my first Rock band when I was 17...My mother has also played a significant role in my music life, as she has always been such a great lullaby singer haha. 

Who inspired you to make music, who are you influenced by? We have all been inspired by thousands of different genres and sub genres and not just necessarily by Rock N Roll scene. When people listen to our music I think they can hear a mix of our main influences.. However, we never sound like just one band or another.. We try to blend our music tastes and flavours, creating something innovative and cool. I could name just a few influencing artists right now,  but the truth is that there are thousands of them. But can ,surely, mention Pj Harvey, Jack White, Royal Blood, Soundgarden, The Kills and many many more..In addition to this, I would also need to mention about my past as a Goth (Marina speaking)..

When I was teenager I was a massive fan of Dark Wave. Think of Bauhaus, Siouxie of the Banshees or London after Midnight or even Type o Negative. That's why I still have some dark and deep vocal moments when I sing..I feel like I need to express myself with a mystical touch of darkness and hidden fire. You can still find a lot of shadows, passion and obsession in my lyrics haha  How would you describe the music that you typically create, has it changed over the years and how? Like any other band, we have been through phases..But considering that we have only played for a couple of years now, we have never really had any drastic changes in our music. All I can say, that me and James - our guitarist, have formed the band. We started to jam with a lot of Bluesy elements in our blood. In fact, we still have a couple of bluesy songs on our SoundCloud page, I'm talking about "Prisoner's Letters" and "If you take me down to Earth".  Right now, we still have a lot of Bluesy groove in our songs but we are currently working on some fast, sort of bluesy punky songs even with some garage rock elements. So yes, our music mood has changed a bit. What is your creative process like?  We create music in different ways. We can all come up with some song ideas, but usually James, Theo and Steve just start jamming and I put some vocal melodies whenever I feel inspired during the jam, sometimes I have lyrics already and the guys work around me. I would say, the proces of writing has never changed as it has always been very spontaneous and flexible.

Who would you like to collaborate with and why? I'm struggling to answer this question right now as at the moment we have all we need  inside the band. But, surely, we would love to be able to play more cool support shows with some bigger bands. 

If you could support one band/artist who would it be? We have recently played a nice show at Camden Rocks Festival with Jellyfish and the Milkmen - excellent musicians, original sound and nice folks in general. We would love to support them and play more live shows together.

  What is the one message you would give your audience and what message would you give the MU readers? Dear musicians, absolutely do not surrender, stay strong and continue working as a powerful team, even if that means working distantly and mainly online. We need to support each other during these difficult times more than ever. Let's go through this together, hopefully one day soon it will be all over and we will come back to our stages and tours. Dear MU readers, million thanks for reading this and supporting your local music scene. It is extremely important to be connected now more than ever. Please keep on rocking and supporting your local musicians, watch their online shows, donate a few coins and buy their music and merch. So when everything will come back to normal they will be there to entertain you!  Stay safe and beautiful and keep on rocking,  everyone!  What would you be doing right now if it wasn’t for music? I would probably be sitting on some tropical beach, getting all deep and philosophical about life, universal laws, quantum physics or astrology. (Marina, the vocalist) Where have you performed? We have played almost 30 gigs around London and 1 gig in Brighton so far. We pretty much did all main music venues and music bars for emerging bands in London. We have always absolutely loved playing gigs for a lovely cool London based promoter Andy Cavendish. We had great fun at his 4 days festival "Nestival" at a tiny but legendary venue called The Birds Nest, also we've played nice support slots for an American touring band Porcelain Hills, it was a great fun, too.  Least favourite gig..? Hmmm, once we played a gig on a hot Summer night in front of a sound guy and another person. That was pretty bad!  Due to corona virus all our gigs have been cancelled. Hopefully, the venues will start running again in a couple of months.

How do you feel the internet has impacted the music industry and you specifically?Internet is playing a massive role in every musician's life. In a few words, I would say that it gives an instant access to anything these days. We are going through some huge changes but everything can be done online. I still think that live shows without internet could bring bigger crowds to the gigs because that  would be the only way how you can discover new music and experience it. It feels like old school gigging process was more real.  What is your favourite song to perform and why? I guess, I have two songs.."Black Cherries" and our freshly released single "Intrusion". Both of them have different moods. One is quite groovy and sexy so I love moving to it on stage, another one is quite fast and energetic.. I love watching people dancing to it. It gives great energy and vibes to the people.

What is the most trouble you have gotten into? We have organised our single release party and we were running the whole event. At some point, when we were headlining the police came in and said somebody was complaining about the noise. My friend, who was pretty high on drugs,  has managed to convince them that's it all good though so the party carried on haha 

If you could only listen to one album from now on what would it be? Pj Harvey "To Bring You my Love" White Stripes "Elefant" Crystal Fairy "Crystal Fairy'  Royal Blood "How did we get so dark"  What is the best advice you have been given? Never lose your fire!  If you could change anything what would it be? We just want all this coronavirus drama to end and people supporting more local venues and shows.  Which bands do you think are currently under-rated or that people should look out for? Lots of local amazing bands end up playing in some empty music venues these days. People should support more their local scene, this way they will find more exotic music diamonds. I can't stop highlighting this.  What is next for you? We will be doing lots of online admin work. We might release an EP, record a brand new song distantly from our homes or just sending some video greetings to our beautiful followers. Hopefully, we will be back on stage soon! I personally can't wait to pour down a few JD and cokes with tequilas haha 



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