Local Trouts EP “What, you think I’m some sort of c#@t???

That’s a phrase a nightclub bouncer once retorted when I pleaded to enter his guarded establishment, albeit with sick on my shirt.

It also happens to be the name of the latest five track E.P. from Stroud based ‘Local Trouts’, who, according to their facebook page, are an amateur pop band and purveyors of lo-fi peculiar punk. They’ve certainly captivated my attention and I haven’t even heard the first song yet.

The band consists of “Silly chaps”:

Teddy Fourlegs - Guitar, Ukulele, Voice Michael Milner - Accordian, Trumpet, Voice Liam King - Drums Jack Ellis - Drums

Mig Ale - Bass

The fun here being trying to work out which members are using pseudonyms and which are real names. Hopefully Teddy Fourlegs didn’t get teased too much at school, though that may have provided just the right amount of disillusionment at the world thus inspiring their charming raw sound.

Also it’s nice to see the drummer isn’t always relegated to last in the line-up, but as usual it’s at the expense of the bass player! Let me put my personal grievances a-side for a moment... b-sides, I have more to talk about (groan - ed).

*ahem* Anyway... we get underway with a classic punk count-in “1-2-3-4” and we’re catapulted into larger than life pogo-friendly punk. The ensuing musical experience consists of rasping strummer-esque vocals, up-tempo raggedy punk rhythms, driving bass, jangly rhythm guitar all topped off with catchy ‘amateur pop’ melodic choruses. It’s like The Clash meets the Accordion playing of The Stranglers with a twist of an upbeat Crusty Jig.

The sound conjures up memories of long hazy festival summer nights with it’s authentic punk revival sound. It pleasingly reminds me of my youth spent drinking cider and pogo-ing at various gigs in the surrounding towns under the watchful gaze of Glastonbury Tor.

There’s plenty of variety in the E.P. to save it from regurgitating the same formula, sampled intros, spoken word thoughts, occasional brass accompaniment, clap alongs and cheers, and comical stories such as ‘Estate Agent Girl’.

With their skilfully captured live raw sound and well crafted catchy sing-a-long songs, this is a band that’ll make you miss the live gig scene more than ever. If we do ever get to see them eventually, it’ll certainly be worth the wait. If you’re feeling impatient for more, then they’ve got some fun videos on YouTube, give ‘Thigh Tanner’ a watch, you won’t be disappointed!

“What, you think I'm some sort of cunt???” can be listened to free at Bandcamp, Spotify, and is available on most digital music stores such as Apple Music.

Useful Links: bandcamp





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