Kro$$ Kid - single ‘Soothing Breeze’

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Review by Anthony Johns





Kross Kid has carefully blended folk music beats with a rap vocal account of a spiralling, anxious state of weed smokery. A sense of outsiderism and alienation is combatted with drug use, precipitating a bowl-smoking cycle which continues every day. The catastrophic spiral of a soul gone out of control, symptomatic of a society raised on television, has been a constantly recurring image in the world of performance.

Trying to merge man with machine has resulted in a disaster area in which humans with an over-abundance of soul are subject to a sort of drug-induced ritual sacrifice, leaving a compliant group of android-like soldiers behind who are prepared to take part in a socio-economic emotion-based clicking-war.

With damaged DNA, a wounded and over-emotional group of expressive, soulful left-field hip-hoppers are rounded up and overshadowed by the Simon Cowells of Superstar and America’s Got Talent. The show must go on...

Born in the 80's, and grew up in the 90's. Jumping back and forth from guitarist to vocalist roles from 2003 to 2007 in various bands in his hometown, Thunder Bay, Ontario, he evolved in genres from emo rock to metal-core. KRO$$ KID really made his mark in the Thunder Bay music scene in 2006 with his edgy band Bleed For Summer when they placed 2nd in a youth battle of the bands and also opened for high profile metal bands Suicide Silence, Unearth, Darkest Hour and August Burns Red.

In summer 2007 BFS stepped out of the scene, and he took a hiatus from music. KRO$$ KID finally had returned to music in in 2018 and feels at home with hip hop, back where his interest really all started. KRO$$ KID pulls influence from personal and relationship issues, small city struggle, nostalgia, pop culture, and a barrage of musical genres.

He is ready to show Canada and beyond why he is the Real Deal. In 2019 he recreated himself musically and performed at Buskers Fest, the ReFresh hip hop showcase, ThunderCon(Thunder Bay's comic book/pop culture convention), Canada Day and Winter Holiday charity celebrations, SPLASH! (aimed at saving a community pool) and more.

He teamed up with Lori Paras from the Hub Bazaar and created a new street festival/parking lot party called SOUTH SIDE VIBE, that made its debut in September 2019. It had over 30 vendors including political parties, food trucks, and clothing to entertainment like cosplayers, hoopers, comedians, and hip hop beats from himself.

KRO$$ KID was voted 2019 best rapper in the Walleye Thunder Bay's Arts & Culture Magazine. He has planned many upcoming releases and collaborations with artists, and plans to push musical limits while always standing up for the underdog, and believing in classical peace.

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