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Updated: Jun 17, 2020

It's hard to spend so much time creating music, putting it out there and trying to get people to hear it. Getting yourself on a playlist that will get people listening requires some skilled navigation. For a listener there is a ton of great music to explore but it isn't easy to know where to find it, with so many playlists, that can now feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

The launch of Music Underground was to provide a meeting ground for musicians and listeners so that they can engage with each other in a meaningful way. This month we launched our Music Underground Forum, Member site and Discord Channel where you can meet, have a chat, post your links of any upcoming performances including gigs and live video streams. Soon we are going to launch our 'Musician's Underground' Podcast, so keep your ears to ground for that.

SoundOff Music App

We also got introduced to the SoundOff Music App by their creators. It is not often that an app comes along that fulfils the exact mission statement as Music Underground and the App really is a gem for musicians and for listeners trying to discover new music.

Tinder users will be familiar with the features, swiping left if you don't like a song and swiping right if you do. You 'favourite' to add to a playlist. The listeners keep a score that grows if you 'favourite' music others like. Incentives are built on for those who achieve a high score, one of which is to open for a musician on the platform.

It is very simple for musicians to upload their songs, once uploaded, the score of the song increases the more people swipe right. It really is quite simple and a great way of getting heard.

Music Underground will be having a chat with the developers and will be reporting back on what is to come with this ingenious app.

Download the app here


Black Lives Matter

Music Underground felt that following the harrowing video of the killing of George Floyd and of Ahmaud Aubrey it was important not to remain silent and make it clear that racism does not belong in our society and it doesn't belong within the music industry. We put out a response earlier in the month which you can read here


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