Jarki Monno's new single 'Pray For The Best'

Updated: May 31, 2020

Released on 31st May 2020

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I like artists with range, Jarki Monno is one such artist. The breadth of his talent seems to know no bounds. From the heart rending conversational ‘Wet Shave’, the all-out, in-the-moment funk of ‘If You Know’ and the soulful almost hip-hop vibes of ‘Fade Up’ and ’Closure’. With a relatively slim number of releases, Jarki has demonstrated a capability - and adeptness - in a variety of musical styles.

His latest release ‘Pray For The Best’ is his hook-laden feel-good hit for the summer, brimming with pop-synth sounds, punctuated with trademark authentic rap, the production quality is as good as it gets.

This is a pop song with a Jarki twist. Polished and pristine, Monno throws his London guy vibe in the mix, singing with effortless authenticity over a pumping rhythmic soundscape.

Taken on its own, ‘Pray For The Best’ could be another pop song in a playlist. But in the context of this artist’s previous achievements, it demonstrates another step forward in his musical journey.

Jarki Monno is a layered artist, not yet ready for the confines of a particular genre. ‘Pray For The Best’ shows a musical ambition to match his musical talent.

The song title takes a curiously meta meaning, given the current climate of uncertainty. Self awareness or coincidence? Who knows?

One thing I can say with certainty is that Jarki Monno is a pliable artist full of ideas, and seemingly capable of realizing any of them in the studio.


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