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We meet Chloe Payne and find out about the latest single "Out of Luck"



Bio Chloe Payne is a pop artist based in Hampshire, who released her debut single ‘Out of Luck’ on the 5th February 2021! Inspired by the music of Lizzo, Dua Lipa and Bruno Mars, Chloe hopes to put her own stamp on pop music, starting with this catchy track. As a gay woman Chloe hopes to resonate with the LGBT community and act as a role model for younger generations who may be struggling with their sexuality.

What first inspired you to make music? At school I was really into musical theatre and loved the vocal arrangements and acting side of things, but as I got older and went to more gigs and concerts I loved the excitement that the artists and performers could create. The feeling I had after seeing Beyoncé at the O2 was incredible, and I wanted to be the one on stage making people feel that way!

Who is your biggest influence and what is it about their music that you find interesting? I’m really into Bruno Mars, I love how his music has changed over the years. I like that he’s a pop artist with a bit of a funky twist, and that he’s also such a good performer.

How would you describe your music and what path has brought you here? I would say my music is pop based but with some different elements. There are usually some funky guitar parts or bass-lines, and always a stupid amount of harmonies and backing vocals!

What is your creative process? It varies! Sometimes I’ll be feeling really sad, annoyed or happy and just sit down at the piano and write down my feelings, which eventually develops into a song and a full arrangement! Other times I’ll just come up with some basic melodies and a top line and then work with other musicians to develop stuff as a team! I always write my own lyrics and base them off real experiences- I have a lot of bad break ups to think back to haha!

What is the most enjoyable and most frustrating part of recording for you? The most enjoyable part is when you finish a section that you know sounds good- the chorus to my song ‘Out of Luck’ has loads of vocal parts that took ages to record but the more I added the better it felt! The most frustrating part is not being able to hit a note or play a part in your recording session when you’ve done it perfectly a million times in rehearsal!!

What is the most enjoyable and frustrating part of live performance? I love the energy! It’s such a mad feeling when you see people grooving and singing along to your song. I used to work in a cafe and I came in the day after a gig and everyone was singing the songs to me haha! The most frustrating part is probably the load in! I like to be early for everything and sometimes you just don’t get much time to set up!

What is the most memorable gig you performed? My first ever gig was probably my most memorable! You don’t forget that post gig feeling! It was with my old band ‘Mango’ at the Star Inn in Guildford.

How do you feel social media and the internet has affected the way you promote or distribute your music? Social media has been a life saver in the lockdown! Obviously I can’t gig at the moment so social media has become the best way for me to promote my releases!

What is the most trouble you have gotten into? Haha that would be telling!

What is the best advice you have been given? Don’t be too hard on yourself. I definitely still am too hard on myself 😂 but I do try to take time to look back at how far I’ve come, instead of always focussing on what I need to do in the future!

Being part of the music scene, there must be acts that you have played with that have made an impact on you, who would you say was the one that stood out? I supported a band called ‘Lost Near Blue Ape’ and they were so good live! The crowd just went crazy for them- they have amazing stage presence and great music.

What is next for you? Just releasing lots of music! I have a load of tracks ready to release this year which I’m really excited about! I’ve spent the lockdown writing and recording loads of stuff! I’m also currently planning a music video for ‘Out of Luck’ with Hozo Dance! After covid, my focus will be on gigging as much as possible!

What was the driving force behind your latest work? ‘Out of Luck’ isn’t that deep to be honest! I got cheated on ages ago and the song is basically me saying a big ‘f*** you, I’m doing better alone’! Funnily enough, the girl it’s about actually messaged me saying it was a banger haha! It’s supposed to be quite feel good for anyone who might have gone through a break up, so I’m hoping that’s what my listeners are getting from it!

What part of the production process were you keen to incorporate? My producer Havni Gohil is amazing, so I just let her go wild and do whatever she wants! As an initial reference I think I told her Dua Lipa/Bruno Mars vibes would be cool, but yeah she is completely responsible for production and I completely trust her with it!

Were there any hurdles, how did the material develop? It wasn’t too difficult really, considering we were in lockdown! It probably made it easier as we had more time! I spent about a week coming up with chords, bassline (using midi), and vocals and then sent it to a drummer and guitarist to write their parts for it. Then it was a case of everyone recording their parts from home and sending it to Havni to produce it! Everyone that worked on the track (Joe Schollar, Elena Costa, Axton Reed, Havni Gohil) is so professional and talented there were no issues. It would have been great to get together in a studio as it’s obviously more exciting that way than doing it at home!

Which platforms will the material be released on? It has just been released on all online platforms- so Spotify, Apple Music, deezer, tidal, Pandora, YouTube etc.

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