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Updated: Dec 31, 2020

This Machine Kills Archons is a project by London singer/songwriter Rob Wallington. A new EP realised on 20 November 2020 has 3 songs taking on the themes of the times we live in. The Strange Times Ahead EP was written and recorded this year and also features the magnicent drumming of Pauline Joseph - it is available on all platforms.

What rst inspired you to make music?

I picked up a guitar, started strumming and songs and tunes made their way out - from that point on I was inspired to always write and play music.

Who is your biggest inuence and what is it about their music that you nd interesting?

Difficult to pin point a biggest inuence on my songs and writing - I rst learned to play guitar from a David Bowie songbook so I guess you could include him in there somewhere - but I in general I love melody (with an edge) and songwriters who have something to say.

How would you describe your music and what path has brought you here?

Guitar and drums making garage surf country rock 'n' roll - that's a broad brush but music you listen to that moves you in some way is going to drip into music you make.

What is your creative process? Where do you find inspiration?

It varies - songs come from words or phrases or from melodies in my head. The song 'Iron Mountain' on my new EP was written in a car on the way to Whitstable in Kent. I mapped the whole melody and structure in my mind and inserted the chorus and then sang it into my phones voice recorder - after I'd stopped driving of course. Don't want to get into trouble for saying I used my phone while driving!

What is the most enjoyable and most frustrating part of recording for you?

I've never been big on recording as you've usually been playing and know the song very well before getting into a studio and it can become a bit stayed - I much prefer the John Lennon method of write it, record it and get it out. I think that keeps the freshness and excitement. But saying that these songs were done in the space of a year which is the quickest I've got something out before.

What is the most enjoyable and frustrating part of live performance?

I love to play live but in these 'Strange Times' (a song on the new EP) it's been dicult. The worst bit about playing live is the waiting around and the shifting of gear. I need a roadie!

What is the most memorable gig you performed?

In recent times, and with these songs, I played at a small place called Biddle Brothers in Dalston North London just before the lockdown happened - it was just good because of the great feedback and the vibe of the place.

How do you feel social media and the internet has affected the way you promote or distribute your music?If I'm honest I see it all as a necessary evil (evil = live backwards - that says it all I think).

What is the most trouble you have gotten into?

I got stopped by the police for driving whilst using my phone - I was writing a song...

What is the best advice you have been given?Don'ttakeyourselftooseriouslybutbeseriousabout yourself.

Being part of the music scene, there must be acts that you have played with that have made an impact on you, who would you say was the one that stood out the most and why?

I once played with a band called Athletico Strip - I thought they were great and the singer/guitarist taught me some jazz chords that I still use in my songs today.

What was the driving force behind your latest work? Are there certain subjects that are dealt with?

The 3 songs on the EP are broadly about questioning things that we think are what we're told they are - from atoms right up to universes. The song 'Computer Brain' spans all those.

What part of the production process were you keen to incorporate?

The producer, Henning Brand, was superb - I will work with him again.

Were there any hurdles, how did the material develop?

My amp kept buzzing - but Henning sorted that out...we tried a few different mixes of the songs before getting the sound we wanted.

Which platforms will the material be released on?

Spotify, i-Tunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play, Amazon


Instagram: @thismachinekillsarchons

Twitter: @killsarchons

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