Interview - The Quarelation Coalition

(Interview completed by Erik-D, Funkgoblin, Alb Umen & Handy)


Hailing from various parts of the UK, we came together to bring a sound that will have your earholes perking up with excitement when they hear our unique mix of Funk rock, Hip- Hop & Electronic vibes partnered with a P-funk concept & skits & characters that will have you chuckling like Frank Bruno.

Aside from our comedic nature we here at TQC have a strong message to put out there in the voice of Erik-D with his anti-authoritarian and revolutionary political views, and almost all of the band's songs focus on these views. Key to the band's identity, The Quarelation Coalition has voiced viewpoints highly critical of the domestic policies of both current UK & US governments.

What first inspired you to make music?

Erik-D: AC/DC for certain

Funkgoblin: I've always been around music My family were DJ's & Musicians so I would say it came from there but I didn't realise I wanted to play Bass until I saw Flea play on a RHCP DVD.

Alb: From a young age I’ve always loved listening to and making music for me it was a natural progression to at least attempt to make music, let alone participate in recording an album!

Handy: Being the son of a DJ I grew up having access to a huge record collection and hearing all the bands really made me want to be able to express myself in the way you hear on so many records.

Who is your biggest inuence and what is it about their music that you find interesting?

As a Collective we have many different influences which is what contributes to our sound! It is always interesting to see what someone else will put over a bassline or a guitarriff cause we all have these different musical backgrounds!

How would you describe your music and what path has brought you here?

Alb: Our music is a blurring of boundaries between different genres, and that’s happened sheerly because of the wide variety of music that inspires us all, and in terms of a group we wouldn’t be here without COVID.

Erik-D: I think it’s more like a diary, for things going on or the way that I have felt. It’s nice to be able to listen to the person that I was at the time of writing it, and hear myself talking about how I felt. I denitely neglected my music for a while, through fear of being unsuccessful I think, that lead to feeling a bit lost, and then getting battered all the time. But that gets boring after a while, and I had a long hard word with myself and re-evaluated what I really thought was important.

Handy: I’m loving the vibe of this band it’s like a fusion of everybody’s different tastes, with wailing guitar solos, funky bass lines with a twist of hip hop.

What is your creative process? Where do you find inspiration?

Funkgoblin: I set up my pedals, plug in my bass and press record and just jam.. if I come across something I like I will elaborate on that and structure it and then send it over to the guys to put their toppings on the track.

Alb: Creative process for myself is mainly to create something that ts with the theme of the songs without being too overbearing. I don’t like to overplay, but whilst coming up with a beat that allows me to express myself too, it’s a ne line and Funkgoblin helped a lot with this!

Erik-D: As far as inspiration Usually it’s quite sporadic, I think of things all the time throughout the day. Sometimes it’s hearing an unusual word or story, maybe something I’ve seen. I always just to make sure I write in a way that allows me to deliver it so people can understand the words. I nd that I strip a lot of words out as I refine each verse so that it’s not a struggle to listen to. The biggest inspiration is usually whatever is pissing me off

What is the most enjoyable and most frustrating part of recording for you?

Erik-D: Most enjoyable would have to be hearing the end product, it always sound so different to what I expect. It’s a rewarding surprise every time for sure.

Alb: The most frustrating thing would be not being able to do it as a collective lol together in one place and actively involved with everyone’s process and being able to push eachother, having to record everything solo was denitely odd

Funkgoblin: The most frustrating part os chasing everyone for their parts haha

What is the most enjoyable and frustrating part of live performance?

We haven't yet performed as a unit live due to all of thismalarkey this year! But we are planning on not just giving people a musical performance but also a show so keep your eyes peeled when live music returns

How do you feel social media and the internet has affected the way you promote or distribute your music?

Alb: Social media can be viewed pos & neg it’s easier to distribute but so much harder to be heard as you have to push through all the noise for people to realise you have a genuine message

Erik-D: It’s been pretty integral to the process, it’s a double edged sword though. On one hand I hate it, social media has made people incredibly anti-social. But on the other hand it has allowed for me to create this piece of work that would have other wise been impossible. It depends how you use it, id say it’s a necessary evil.

Funkgoblin: I can't stand Social media, But as Erik said Its a necessary evil.

What is the most trouble you have gotten into?

Alb: Trouble is something I avoid now as I’m quite fragile you see, however I wasn’t an organic free range egg at one point I’ll say that much.

Handy: Beat my doormat outside my house before 6am

Funkgoblin: I escaped from my goblin clan cause they were going to punish me for stealing a fender Jazz from the king goblin.

What is the best advice you have been given?

Alb:If it’s not broke don’t fix it.

Handy: It’s not the destination but the journey that’s important

Erik-D : To always do what makes you happy, that it what you will do the best at

Funkgoblin: Always do you & speak your mind

Being part of the music scene, there must be acts that you have played with that have made an impact on you, who would you say was the one that stood out the most and why?

Alb: I haven’t played live in a very long time but I had the pleasure of seeing and meeting the lads from the bohos (now STONE) from Liverpool when they supported Cast at the O2 institute.

Handy: Malarkey - They created a truly unique sound that was shaped and defined by the local Birmingham music culture.

Erik-D: Probably Espielle, because he’s relentlessly talented and very fun to be with

Funkgoblin: There was a point where I was in a grunge band and we had a little circle of bands (Pelugion, Southfall,Signs of Fire & more) that were coming up at the same time round the midlands with similar sounds & that whole community feeling really inspired me to think more in a unit state of mind than a solo state of mind. We are greater as a whole than little pieces scattered about.

What was the driving force behind your latest work? Are there certain subjects that are dealt with?

Erik-D: The need to feel less isolated, I think the album reects that fairly

Alb: This whole year! The pandemic! Government! Black Lives Matter! Trumps behaviour, Boris’ behaviour. And our driving force was goblin bringing us together, without him this never would have happened and as an actual band we have only ever met up once!

Handy: Social Commentary, satires dead and the world is crazy with a massive wave of ignorance helping shape society from a toxic social media inuenced world!

What part of the production process were you keen to incorporate?

Alb: I think giving everyone there little segments to shine, especially seeing as we all worked so damn hard to push our best work and create something that we were proud of!

Handy: Organic feels man!

Erik-D: I’m always keep to hear what the others think, it’s nice watching it change

Where there any hurdles, how did the material develop?

Alb: The material literally developed from a G-Drive folder filled with pre-programmed drums and bass, that’s all we had to go on and create what you hear today in our album. It was a lot of bsck and forth on whattsapp and individually between ourselves, plus same and goblin bickering like a married couple.

Erik-D: Only hurdle really was myself, the rest was fun and games Handy: Being a musician costs too much money haha

Which platforms will the material be released on?

Our material is out now on all major streaming platforms.. Spotify, Apple Music Etc.

We also have a freestyle series available on Soundcloud.



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