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Updated: Jun 16, 2020



After a spell playing known London venues 'The Windmill', 'Birds Nest, 'Fighting Cocks' with her band Hoosh, singer / songwriter Eryx parted company and sought to find the right musicians for her new project and a new band.

With a couple of years as an Electric Rock duo, sometimes trio, performing Londons Dublin Castle, The Islington and Monarch.

In December 2019 they released the video 'Parasite'.

Eryx London's album 'Selfish' throws bags upon bags of attitude and energy at us. The album sets off with a ton of feedback and there is a lot more of the same to come through the album.

Eryx's husky, slightly eerie, baritone London accented voice, singing about London experiences, rumbles over the heavy delay/echo/reverb effects of guitars which act more like textures over the steady rhythm of the bass lines. Although Eryx London are definitely heavier, more aggressive and quicker paced than The Cult, the sonic landscapes are similar to those found in the album Love. The feel is of a band that bridge a space between punk, post-punk and indie.

The album, in the majority, delivers fast paced, shout out tunes but the slower paced 'Black Snow' provides a break and space in the album. Again the bass line dominates and in this track, the dub feel in the verse wouldn't be out of place on a Massive Attack album.

In 'Last Song for A' Eryx's voice incorporates a very heavy vibrato. I generally find vibrato adds some delicateness but the vibrato here is unsettling as it is so over emphasised. It's a nice touch and it is applied over an over-intoxicated, drunken beat.

'Selfish' is consistent in production throughout with a focus on the bass element, putting it front and centre. Eryx's voice has character, is distinctive, unmistakable and adaptable, the songs all fit and belong in this album but about two thirds through my ears were wanting some variation between songs.

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