Diamir- Behind the Fascade acoustic lockdown version

check out the band here www.diamirband.com

There really have been some quite fabulous musical treats put out there during the recent global lockdown. A happy and welcome surprise to help us through these difficult times. None more so here as Diamir are back with an alternative rendition of their debut track “Behind the Façade” – This time with an acoustic lockdown version.

We published a review of the original song in last month’s edition and you are urged to go and check that piece out first and then return here like a knowing scholar, ready to hear ponderings on this version.

Diamir came to record this acoustic rendition as part of a fifty strong compilation record. This was compiled on behalf of Help Musicians Northern Ireland. They are an independent charity providing help, support and opportunities to musicians at all stages of their lives. They are currently rolling out Covid -19 funding to help struggling musicians and Diamir provided the track in support. Top stuff!

The first thing to mention is I would recommend, for full enjoyment, that the track is watched, not just listened to. This is to enable one to fully appreciate the many clever and nuanced percussion sounds that have being cunningly shoehorned into the track. Only when you can see what these chaps are doing do you realise, they have everything but the kitchen sink layered in there. Although thinking about it, the sink may have been off camera!

Musically the track is principally acoustic guitar, piano and double bass with again some excellent vocals like in the original and beyond that we are also treated to a mandolin. From here it all gets very “skiffle” with an egg shaker, wooden chair, bowl full of ma’s best silver and some glassware, plus a few more “homemade” percussion instruments that were difficult to make out. I was reminded of the Beatles and their rubber gloves. Truly imaginative stuff, it really does make a quite fabulous sound. The counting of the cutlery back into the bowl whilst remaining in time is a great addition that is both amusing and clever.

To think all the musicians were in their respective houses and that this has been brought together in post-production is testament to the tight, concise musicianship on display and really makes the finished result that much more impressive. High praise too for the production. It is not a simple task to sync all the material together and to even be creative with the video part of the piece by bringing the screens in and out depending on the people performing or if an instrument is being played.

So, here is the question - Is this version better than the original? Well, maybe, maybe not, I think that depends on your mood. The use of space and Instrumentation is really impressive in this version and the overall finished piece is a great listen but for a raw power/emotional edge you need to opt for the original. Overall, I think it is safe to say there is room in the world for both. check out the video here

check out the band here www.diamirband.com


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