Dec 2020 - Contents

Editor's Notes

Hope you had as Happy a Christmas as possible and heading into 2021, I think we all hope it will be better than 2020. It seems there is some positive news and we have some way out of the Covid pandemic.

From all the submissions we have had, musicians are continuing to dedicate so much to their art. It is a privilege to receive and listen to all the new releases that come through our site and in this issue we have a couple of artists who have featured previously in our magazine.

We have added a new section on the website for all submissions, interviews and requests for podcasts. We are slowly going to close down the previous email addresses and only publish the submissions made through the website. Follow the link below to access these.

From the magazines side, I'd like anyone reading it to know that we have been and will continue to dedicate our time to supporting any of the artists who make contact with us. We appreciate all the time and hard graft that goes into writing, recording and performing music and want to make sure that in 2021 we have the capacity to increase the number of reviews and interviews we feature.

Having said that the latest issue has probably been the hardest one to actually publish. As with many people, a lot has changed in the last few months and many of the writers, including myself have juggled our efforts in the music magazine with full time jobs and new baby arrivals.

This magazine is a passion project and none of the contributor's receive any payment for any of the content. For the magazine to release monthly we really require a lot more volunteers passionate about music who are willing to help us and the musicians submitting out. We can create a great platform. So if you or anyone you know might be interested we'd really like to hear from you so that we can produce a monthly release of this magazine in 2021.

All that is left to say is that all of us here wish you a Happy New Year in 2021 and I am looking forward to all the new music that is yet to come!

Az Sandhu



blue skies- andrew farrell

alex hedley & the living sea orchestra

abby power - home is where the start is

huwbergine - grow

the quarelation coalition

black dukes

basic television - one

the new america - going to the races

crying beauty queens - blackbird



the quarelation coalition

this machine kills archons



abby power

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