Blackbird - Crying Beauty Queens

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

by Az Sandhu

Crying Beauty Queens are back with a new stunner of a single 'Blackbird'. Embracing a darker, melodic, nodding space. Jordan sings about flying away. This single flows through melancholy verses punctuated by upbeat, ska type beats that are over layered with slow guitar lines, with chorus effects. It is the bass and the drums that provide the builds and crescendos in 'Blackbird'.

Jordans voice is, as always, impressive with this track reminding me a little of Florence and The Machine, or The Cranberries, who are an influence of Crying Beauty Queens. The drumming again is just phenomenal, constantly changing throughout the track. There is no doubt that this band has a solid rhythm section providing the dynamics to the tracks.

'Blackbird' is more in line with 'Darling' than some of their other tracks, 'Darling' being one of my favourite tracks reviewed for MU magazine, it still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, so I am really glad that Crying Beauty Queens are exploring this particular facet.

From all the bands I have reviewed, there is something about this particular band that is different, interesting and yet not jarring or difficult to listen to. The line between dark indie/goth and pop is a difficult place to inhabit without falling accidentally into one or the other. There is a definite style appearing in the bands latest tracks which I am eager to hear more of.

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