Updated: Dec 31, 2020


by Az Sandhu

Black Dukes is a Finnish folk 'n' roll band founded in the end of 2017. The trio consists of childhood friends Joe False (Juho Merenheimo) on guitar, keys and vocals, Robin "Bobby" Bollström on bass and backing vocals and Wilhelm "Wille" Granö on drums and backing vocals. Black Dukes started as a bluesband winning the Finnish Roots Awards on their first gig in 2017.

Here are 'Black Dukes' creating a new genre with their sound of 'folk 'n' roll'. No doubt though these tracks have several different styles. 'Glassman' is more Beatlesesque than anything Liam and Noel Gallagher could have dreamed of.

The track's groove is a swayer and I love the odd strange noises that appear here in the track, starting with a throat clearing, which hasn't been edited out.

The track showcases some serious skill and musicianship, without taking itself seriously. Humorous lyrics and strangeness in the way the song is structured make you want to discover more of what the band has to offer. The track ends with a reversed, short clip of conversation. A somewhat hallucinogenic element.

'Crying Gun' is more of a straightforward rocking track, revolving around a steady beat and central guitar riff, it is fairly short track which races through with just a small section of a guitar solo that breaks it up. It could almost be a classic rock track if it wasn't for Joe's vocals which are gloriously odd and hark back to the 60s and 70s, LSD generation.

In 'Beauty Lies' 'Black Dukes' find themselves exploring the 50s, the birth of American Rock n' Roll but somehow I don't think this track would ever be a backing track for John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, it is much more Rock than Roll.

The rest of the tracks are equally interesting and full of musicality with a silly edge. It is as if the band have combined a whole load of influences from folk, rock, blues and then turned on them on their head and reimagined them, creating their own, fun, strange, rockier version. They are familiar yet wholly different.

A unique hallucinogenic classic selection of songs.



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