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Bio Ama Wilde is best known for her powerful voice, soulful tone and empowering lyrics. She studied Fine Art before forming her first band; String Theory London in 2009. Since, she has also worked with many other bands in the London Music scene, performing different many genres and collaborating producers and musicians in the UK and Europe. She wrote a song alongside Inner Wilde for Extinction Rebellion in 2019. Her songs have been played ''Actual radio'', ''Amazing Radio'', ''Vixen Radio'' and live on Spanish Television; TVG, as well as being interviewed and featured several times on local press. Influences include Janis Joplin, Nina Simone, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Queen, Chavela Vargas, Christie Moore. Played in many venues across the EU including ''The Blues Kitchen'', ''Purple Turtle'' and London Festivals.

What first inspired you to make music? I started writing poetry when I was a kid, it nourished and replenished my energy, even when times were tough. It's oxygen for your soul when you can express everything and let it go and at the same time it enables you to connect to whatever feeling you choose to experience. Very cathartic, like a meditation. Poems are full of rhythm and have a life of their own, it was a natural progression that they turned into songs when we started to put chords to them with my first band ''String Theory''.

Who is your biggest influence and what is it about their music that you find interesting? I really love Nina Simone. She exposes herself so intimately and there is no room for pretence, she is pure soul! Her voice is rich and full of expression and she is one of the best lyricist ever. I love her ability to know pain so well and transform it into joy and love, that is being an Artist not just with music but with the Art of life.

How would you describe your music and what path has brought you here? I would describe my music as an eclectic mixture of genres, ranging from Latin, Jazz, Pop at times Rocky or Bluesy with transformative qualities. It sees heartache but rejoices in light, there is melancholy but it transcends to love, gratitude and self empowerment. I have had very intense, sometimes debilitating chronic pain, when your time is so limited you are determined to do what you really feel you love and will make the most impact to bring light into reality, at least that's what happened to me.

What is your creative process? When I write is usually when I'm busy doing other things like meditating or going to sleep, sometimes a song, a poem, something someone says as they walk by or in an every-day conversation. Then I can use them to put to whatever rhythm or melody I like. Sometimes I create my own and sometimes I apply them to the sounds of people I'm working with.

What is the most enjoyable and most frustrating part of recording for you? I love being able to hear myself with warts and all, being able to mould your expression into what you want. When you have to fiddle with equipment, it can sometimes dampen your creativity.

What is the most enjoyable and frustrating part of live performance? It's such a blessing when you connect with an audience and they are really listening and feeling what you are saying, it makes you a catalyst for that connection between you and the audience and the audience amongst themselves For me the setting up and packing up is most annoying .

What is the most memorable gig you performed? It was a gig in a North London Venue, the atmosphere was electric, the band was well rehearsed and all there was left to do was Rock. It was the first time people told me they had shed a tear when I sung I'm no good and Wish you were here.

How do you feel social media and the internet has affected the way you promote or distribute your music? It has completely changed. At first I felt it was all a bit of a pretence and a marketing game but there are genuine artists who do it authentically and they are being themselves, reaching fans and forming genuine bonds Now I am very grateful that I can take control and it feels empowering not to have to depend on others, although at first it can be overwhelming if we take it one step at a time and are true to ourselves it's an amazing tool.

What is the most trouble you have gotten into? I've never been caught committing peaceful, non violent acts of civil disobedience for a good cause but I completely support them. I feel it's my lyrics also I'm rebelling with. In Spain, where I was born it's against the law to speak badly of the king or politicians, its called ''ley mordaza'' there are artists on trial currently for these acts they consider criminal. I don't think they've heard of Sex Pistols or freedom of speech!!

What is the best advice you have been given? ''You; the people have the power, to make this life free and beautiful, let us use this power'' Charlie Chaplin

Being part of the music scene, there must be acts that you have played with that have made an impact on you, who would you say was the one that stood out the most and why? Los Suaves, are a big Rock band in Spain, one of my favourites growing up. When we played for them it was one of those pinch me moments.

What is next for you? I'm about to release the third song from my first solo album ''How We Rise''. I'm really exited about this and promotion and I'm writing and collaborating a lot at the moment. Lockdown has meant we cannot perform so it's time to create, ''idle hands you know destroy, you're created for the soul, let's go; Rebellious Heart''

What was the driving force behind your latest work? Are there certain subjects that are dealt with? Definitely: Connect to the Heart and let it Rebel seems to be a running theme in my songs. We are living a Critical Mass of expansion and we are vibrationally rising. Let's take back our sovereign power Break- down barriers and frontiers, we are all one'

What part of the production process were you keen to incorporate? Horns and Guitar, Double Bass and Cajon, a nice full band sound with Festival vibes.

Were there any hurdles, how did the material develop? It was difficult to record the album remotely but I have a great producer and the musicians I have been working with are Fantastic so it's worked out great.

Which platforms will the material be released on? Spotify Youtube Instagram Twitter Apple Music Deezer And all the others automatically released through Distrokid

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