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Updated: Dec 31, 2020


My names Abby and I'm a female rapper and song writer from London , and have been a recording artist since September 2010. I first started off writing Def Jam Poetry style poems as a teen after taking an interest in watching the Def Jam Poetry slams with the likes of Lauryn Hill, Shihan, Kanye West, Mod Def (you get the picture). Then I decided that it would be a good idea to combine this with my other love, Hip Hop, and so after gentle persuasions from my friends, I started to write lyrics, and eventually took the step to record.

I studied music in college and met some ridiculously talented producers, one of which is my main collaborator and good friend SamXVI (formally Soun'wave) still to this day. One thing led to another and music went from being a hobby, to my main focus in life.

During the early years of my time making music, I featured on UKB magazine, a UK based fashion and music magazine. I also gained recognition from recording artist Skylar Grey (Writer of Love the way you lie for Eminem & Rihanna) who complimented my voice after seeing my submission for a competition she was running at the time (For her single 'Final Warning'). Which was insane because I'm a big fan of hers.

I had the most viewed video ever at one point on New York website ExposedVocals (sadly since shut down but I still have the screenshots!) and have featured on UK rap music channel LinkUpTv multiple times since starting off in the music scene.

I took a break from music between the ages of 21-26, returning to music in July 2020 with my first release since 2015, Lead to you on Spotify and all digital streaming platforms. Since this release, I've released four new singles, dropped a bunch of collaborations and just recently dropped an EP (Home is where the start is) that reached #1 on Amazon's best selling rap and hip-hop charts solely on pre- sales! I plan to keep working with all of the amazing people I've been working with, SamXVI and hennessey_uk to name a few, and keep dropping new music every month for as long as I possibly can!

What first inspired you to make music? I started off writing poetry as a teen, and it was just an innocent hobby, then I'd send them to my friends and they'd start telling me that maybe I should consider writing lyrics. I didn't really take it seriously at first but the more I thought about it, the more appealing it became to me because at this stage I was living and breathing hip hop, I used to spend my lunch money on all the American rap magazines (which I still have to this day), I had vinyl records, my iPod (remember those?) Was packed full of hip hop and just the thought of being apart of it was a little bit dreamlike.

So to answer your question, I guess it was a gentle nudge in the right direction from some friends that inspired me to make music, the genre however is a different story.

I honestly don't want to say just one because my answer always changes so I'm just going to tell you who I'm listening to right now

PVRIS Pa Salieu Koffee Kehlani Miraa May WSTRN Drake...always a bit of Drake. To name a FEW.

But as you can see, that list is full of entirely different styles and genres, and I love that. I love having a wide variety of styles to learn from and take inspiration from when it comes to my music..which leads me into the next question.

My music is just different in the sense yes it's rap and Hip- hop music however, it's also taking inspiration from R&B, Alt-Rock, Cloud Rap, or anything that I instantly connect with I'll try and make a song out of it.

When I first started making music I only wanted to make Hip Hop, I wanted to rap on classic beats and just didn't really think about the direction I wanted to take with my own sound. Now I guess I have more life experience, plus a wider range of music to take inspiration from in my playlists and memory! So my sound has nally evolved into Abby Power's sound, not Abby Power rapping on old rap beats

What is the most enjoyable and most frustrating part of recording for you? I'll pick what the subject is based on and how the instrumental makes me feel when I hear it! So my inspiration definitely comes from the instrumental, usually by my friends SamXVI and hennessey_tk because honestly their instrumentals make me want to write all day and night! I used to just find loads of instrumentals on YouTube and try and force songs, I'm glad I learnt from that because nobody likes music that sounds forced.

Most enjoyable is listening back to it all at the end once all the verses and hooks are done and all the layers are recorded, because that's where you rst hear your song in it's entirety! Most frustrating is writing a hook and then it not sounding how it did in your head when you go to record it so you have to make adjustments!

What is the most memorable gig you performed? I'll be honest, live performances do terrify me, so I'll likely stick to internet life for now. If some miracle happens and I become internet famous and there is a demand to see me live, I might consider it because it's different performing Infront of people who already love you and your music, compared to a group of people that have never heard of you and could care less!

But I'll be honest, I've always been most comfortable in a studio environment. I'm an introvert creative that just wants to share music with the world away from any kind of spotlight!

I once performed at an art show in an abandoned church in London somewhere with a couple of friends and the people that performed before us messed the mics up to the extent we just had to bite the bullet, jump on stage, and rap without working microphones. Luckily abandoned churches have great acoustics so we managed to get through the performance and got an applause after! Can't have been too bad.

How do you feel social media and the internet has affected the way you promote or distribute your music? I think it's made it so much easier. There are so many options now compared to how it was when I started out like ten years ago. So many streaming and purchase options too, although streaming money could denitely do with an increase let's not lie about it! I was selling hard copy CDs of mixtapes back in the day and putting them up on SoundCloud for free download. The games denitely changed!

What is the most trouble you have gotten into? I did some stupid stuff when I was younger that I luckily never got caught for haha don't worry, nothing sinister, just stupid teenagers getting drunk in parks.

I've luckily never really been in trouble by anyone.. except when I set a fire alarm off in high school and got suspended, but that was a tad excessive anyway!

What is the best advice you have been given? Don'tworryaboutwhatanyoneelseisdoing,justfocuson yourself and what you want to create and let the process happen organically

What is next for you? Well I've just dropped a new EP, Home is where the start is on all digital streaming platforms on the 6th November, and I'll be releasing new music in December, and hopefully every month for a while after that. I aim to release new music every month for as long as I can! What was the driving force behind your latest work? Visually, and a theme that runs throughout, this EP is one that was recorded solely in my bedroom (bar the exception of one song that was recorded in SamXVIs living room). Just with a mic, interface and laptop, nothing fancy. This is where I rst recorded again in a long time, and even before my own bedroom set up I was recording in my friends bedroom. Home is where the start is..the start of the new journey into music I'm about to be on for the forceeable future. Whilst the language throughout remains one that is positive and at most parts uplifting, there is a dark theme running throughout the theme of the music and it's transitions between each song.

Conceptually it’s all based on a line in my opening song Dreams “I brought you here to witness my revival”,it’s about resurrection.

The first interlude after Falling is called Abyss. It’s got a piano coda that’s supposed to feel like death, the idea that I, the Artist that is Abby Power is on an operating table, fighting for life. where the song should end, it keeps going, slowed down, dropping to just one synth line, but then it brings itself back to life with Same Page.

The interlude that connects Take Time and Self Reflection is called Requiem .It’s supposed to be like funeral music, what should be the lowering of a coffin: It’s a church organ, and my vocals are like a choir - and then the quote links back to the one in the intro, about Dreams; the idea that you’re always awake but always dreaming, that duality of life. And then you’re back to life with Self Reflection, a whole song which is just bars, back in the fight.

Which then beings us on onto The Light. A song that was actually added to the EP as a fluke. I went round to SamXVIs house, our first meeting again in over five years. Himself and his friend hennessey_tk (a fantastic guitarist) and myself all built the instrumental from scratch (can I add, little beat making was done by me, I simply helped with what vibe we were going for), I wrote the lyrics and recorded as we went along and by the end of the session, The Light had been created, and I couldn't leave it off the tape so it became my big closing song thanks to that beautiful guitar solo at the end!

That's why I enjoyed making this project so much because it was all organic, nothing was rushed, and we had fun making it!


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