Abby Power - Home is Where the Start is

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

by Az Sandhu

After a 5 year break Abby Power returns with 'Home is Where the Start Is' a Hip-hop album which provides a listening experience.

It starts with a sample recording of Alan Watt's lecture explaining how he perceived life as 'essentially musical in nature'. If you aren't familiar with it, it is an inspirational talk explaining the difference between experiencing life as if you were a musician or as if you were a runner running a race. The former being about the experience during the playing of a piece and the later being about an end goal and missing the joy of the journey itself.

'Same Page' definitely strikes a chord, about team work in writing and performing music "what happened to uplifting each other?" sums up the track. Totally agree with the sentiment, it's mature writing, in that instead of bragging about being the best, there is an understanding of the subjectivity of music and if you like it great, if not, then well it just isn't meant for you. For Abby this isn't a competition she feels she needs to win, she would rather take a collaborative approach and work towards something greater.

In 'Self Reflection' Abby confidently and proudly stands her ground on who she is, her take on life. It is great to hear a hip-hop artists actually 'keeping it real' as opposed to creating some fictional alter ego who pretends to be 'keeping it real'. There's positivity, strength, honesty and a and a very much take it or leave it attitude about Abby Power's work.

The final track on the EP 'The Lights' is a slow, nod your head track that really cements Abby's message, she's not selling out but creating her own vision and as if to really hammer the point home, this hip-hop EP ends with a rocking guitar solo.

Getting to the end of the EP, I can understand the Alan Watt's sample at the start. There are of course other references that could also sum up the EP but somehow I don't think Frank Sinatra singing 'I did it my way" would fit.

An uplifting piece of work that re-affirms the message of staying positive and true to yourself. I enjoyed it and will definitely come back to it again but if I didn't I am sure Abby wouldn't really be too fussed either.

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